List of Services for WDTR Clients 

Using a travel agent is 100% free, but not all travel agencies are created equal. 

Our agency is mostly comprised of teachers, so we aim to EDUCATE and help you UNDERSTAND your vacation. 

This will make you feel ready and confident so you can enjoy the special memories you will make on your epic trip! 

Check out all the perks for booking through WDTR!

We have a dedicated Dining & Experiences Team to book your desired dining and extras!

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We offer bi-weekly online seminars covering everything from Genie+ to the My Disney Experience app. Come and learn and stay for Q&A!

We have digital "Study Halls" with loads of content to help you better understand your vacation and feel confident BEFORE you arrive!

What are some things included as a We Do Travel Right client?

Wish Upon A Planner & WDTR collaboration!

We have teamed up with Ali from "Wish Upon A Planner" to offer a FREE Genie+ Mastery Mini-Course. A $30 value, free for our clients. 

Contact your agent to learn more!